3 Clocks kids will love

Teaching your kids to tell the time can be a lot of fun as long as you provide them with the necessary tools to make it exciting. To help them learn quickly, it is essential that they have a clock in their room. Not only will this be a constant reminder for them to practice telling the time, but once they know how, they can never have an excuse to be late again!

But you can’t just get any old clock for your kids room. It has got to be something fun and funky that they can use for years to come.

When choosing a clock you must remember that it is for your child and not for you. Aim for something colourful and with large numbers, something that will really stand out in their room and yet be easy to read.

Leni Rainbow Glass Wall Clock


These wall clocks come in a range of funky colours including red, purple, orange, yellow, green and blue and will fit into any colour scheme in your kids room.

Not only do they look incredibly cool, but a 31,5 cm diameter face and large white numbers makes them extremely easy to read from anywhere in the room. They also run on one standard AA size battery.

Funky Mirror Red Wall Clock


These are just the coolest, most awesome looking clocks ever! If your kids prefer something completely different, then they will love this clock!

It has a large 40cm diameter face with oversized numbers giving it a very wacky look that will definitely appeal to children. The numbers, although offset at an angle, are still extremely easy to read.

A mirror glass finish also adds to the unique look of the clock.

Orchard Cream Alarm Clock


This smaller alarm clock is perfect for a little girl! Not only will it fit neatly on a bedside table, but it also has a beautiful pink finish. Although it is smaller than a wall clock, it still has large enough numbers which are easy to read. It’s portable as well, therefore you can teach your child to tell the time just about anywhere.