Creative ways to accessorise your outdoor area

You may have just bought a new home (congratulations) or you may have been living in your home for a while and just want to update the old with the new. Whatever your circumstance this article will outline some great ideas when it comes to accessorising your outdoor area, be it old or new.

Table accessorising

When it comes to accessorising your outdoor table the choices are endless. You can base your choices on your style, personality, flair or just purely what you like. One idea could be a table runner. There are now plenty of choices on the market when it comes to table runners – length, colour, texture and pattern. Another idea could be a beautiful candle and candle holder, a  glass bowl filled with shells, rocks or pine cones to create a visually pleasing accessory or why not fill a vase with handpicked flowers straight from your garden. The options really are endless when it comes to accessorising your table. Just remember less is always more. Don’t over-do it. Simplicity and a clear design always work better and create a more visually interesting result.


Candles are a great alternative when it comes to night time entertaining. Choose to turn off your brighter lighting and opt for a more romantic, intimate setting with a bunch of candles. The beauty of candles are that they come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and fragrances so the choice is yours.

Potted plants

Plants and flowers are bound to improve the look of any outdoor area. Partnered with beautifully coloured pots a combination like this will complement your space and add an instant splash of colour. Why not become an artist and paint an old tired terracotta pot or purchase second hand pots in varying shapes, sizes and colours to match your colour scheme. Vertical garden beds are also the trend this season. Perfect for areas that are limited in space, a vertical garden bed simply hangs on a wall and in an instant achieves a lush green wall effect. Herb gardens are also a great little added accessory to any outdoor area. The beauty of a herb garden in your backyard is that you don’t have far to go when you’re cooking. You can also use the herbs to create essential oils and beauty treatments. Shop the Kammala planters at Outdoor Living Direct.


Create a modern, contemporary look by placing lanterns throughout your outdoor area. Similar to a candle a lantern is sure to provide your space with gorgeous light and a relaxed atmosphere. Lanterns can be purchased in many bright colours with beautiful detailed trimmings. A perfect inclusion if you’re looking to turn your outdoor area into a tranquil space.

Outdoor cushions

A scatter cushion is a popular accessory used to brighten any area within the home. Mix and match colours, patterns shapes and sizes and experiment with what works within your space. Experimentation and fun is the key when it comes to decorating with cushions.  Same applies for outdoor throw rugs. Bright colours are always a popular choice as they bring a sense of fun and life to an outdoor space. Throw rugs are also great in the cooler months when you still want to be able to sit outside. They provide a sense of warmth and comfort so you can enjoy your outdoor area all year long. For a wide range of scatter cushions why not shop at Outdoor Living Direct.

Water features

Water features are a great way of adding a sense of tranquil peace to any outdoor area. From a quiet pond to a calm, trickling fountain a water feature is a great way of accessorising an outdoor space. Partnered with some lovely garden stones and a Buddha can create a space that is both reflective and mesmerising.

Outdoor clock

Another addition which is sure to look great in any outdoor area is an outdoor clock. Just like inside your home a clock is an important element. Outdoor clocks not only provide you and your guests with the time but they can look interesting and create a strong contrast hung against a wall. Whether your outdoor accessory choices are modern or more timeless there are many clocks and other outdoor decorative choices to suit any need.